What is owner financing

This is a Blog that will consist of valuable information related to real estate and of course owner/ creative financing in real estate. If you’re unfamiliar with owner financing or have never heard of it, it also goes by the name seller financing & seller carry. Most have never heard of this and have no clue what it means or why it’s even around. Follow this blog and you will receive valuable information and be ahead of the average Joe in the real estate world.

My investor partner and I specialize in owner financing. Why is this important to know?

Most people think there is only one way to be a homeowner & that’s by working hard while doing everything you can right to try to get approved for a home loan. Sadly, over 80% of people are denied a mortgage. Ive worked in the real estate industry and have talked/worked with many people along with mortgage professionals who have denied folks who were off 10 points on their credit score… 10 points! The guidelines seem to be getting stricter by the day. It’s part of the American dream to be a homeowner, but how can you do that when most people are getting turned down?

No need to fear. You can be a homeowner today with no credit qualifying owner financing. That means you won’t have to worry about getting pre-approved by a lender & fearing for the denied call or email. Yes you read that right. You don’t have to apply for a home loan and that be the deciding factor as to if you’ll be a homeowner or not. Follow this blog, because were going to dive deep into not only why this a fantastic opportunity but explain to you how it works.



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