Why buyers WANT owner financing…

Hopefully you’ve read the previous blog posts to get a good idea of what owner financing is by now. Now you will learn why it’s extremely appealing to buyers, especially the luxury & business owner buyers. Most & I mean almost all home buyers think that the only way they can become a homeowner is too go to a bank or mortgage broker to apply for a home loan & that be the deciding factor as if they will accomplish the American dream of home ownership. That’s why folks are so fearful about mortgages…but there is still hope.

What if I told you that you could get into a house like the one below without ever applying to a mortgage?house-2469067__340

Benefits to the buyer:

  • If you get denied by a lender & still have a down payment, then you can still be a homeowner and purchase your dream home.
  • As a buyer you won’t have to pay the origination fees or mortgage insurance.
  • It’s no credit qualifying.
  • You can move in as fast as same day!Outstanding tax benefits & more.
  • No insane rates some lenders may give you.

As you can see, from a buyer standpoint, them understanding the benefits & knowing that there are other ways to purchase their dream home without a lender or if they’ve been denied, that this way is extremely appealing…But only if you have professionals like myself help you through this most likely new process to keep you protected.


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