How mortgage professionals can make A LOT more money…

If you’re reading this, you are likely a lender or mortgage professional & want to take your business to the next level. More sales means more money & the strong possibility of repeat business along with more customers. Get ready because I’m going to show you how you can make more money and generate even more business for both you and your referral partners.

What if I told you that you encounter a massive opportunity all the time to earn more money & close more sales and it’s right in front of your face!? What is it you ask? Well I’d love to show you! Best of all it’s 100% FREE! I’ll say again 100% FREE…

What I’m about to tell you is extremely important information for your success!

This is a tool you can easily use to help get you to the #1 spot in your office or on your team or even in your city… Or get you your dream car! Drum role please…. Here it is. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Lender + owner financing = Ma$$ive $ucce$$….

Now you’re saying that’s it? How? Or maybe you don’t know what that means, or how you can make a lot more money & business from this? That’s what I’m here for 😁 let’s get down to it! 

The customers you decline can make you rich…💰

Would you agree that given the opportunity, you would love to close more deals that come your way?  

Imagine if you were able to do deals with almost everyone you worked with?

Get ready for your life to change for the better!

I specialize in owner financing… I can be your path to A LOT more business!
Let’s get down to how having someone like myself, that you can build a business relationship with, can blow your business through the roof & why owner financing can make you EXTREMELY successful.

 If you’re unfamiliar with owner financing, the buyers of the house will have to refinance within 1-2 years sometimes less. If you read that & just got excited about a refinance then pay really close attention.

What does the diagram above mean?

This is how it works. Someone comes to you for a home loan and they get denied for either 

  • Credit issues.
  • Property issues.
  • Income issues.
  • Self employed.
  • Guideline overlays.
  • Etc.  

The list goes on but they all revolve around the above. 

Now after some one is denied they’re either put into a CRM or put on a credit repair program & but let’s be honest, how many of those customers actually convert down the road?

If the client has been declined for anything other than assets, meaning they have a down payment ready to go, I can help save your deal….This is where I come in to save the day, the point where you realize how valuable I am to you & the point where you just became 100X more valuable to this client.  😎 Be the great salesperson you are & provide value & close this deal TODAY! 

Instead of telling someone you’ve been denied and you can no longer be a homeowner, wouldn’t it be nice to tell them that there is still hope?

What are the requirements we work with?

  • It’s no credit qualifying!
  • We work with homes $300,000-$40M
  • Down payment of 5%-30%, depending on purchase price required.
  • Must be able to make the monthly payments up until they refinance.

There’s no credit qualifying!

Let’s simplify this….Here is a way to take someone who was going to walk out of your office or get off the phone with you, that couldn’t get a mortgage and converted them into a refinance down the road all by saying this exact phrase:

The few second script to make you big money!

I apologize that I couldn’t get you qualified for a mortgage today but you do qualify for owner financing & you can still be a homeowner today. Is that something you’re interested in?”

They’re going to say yes because they came to you to begin with to be homeowners! After they say yes, you then just turn them over to us & we take care of the rest. The lender across the street couldn’t do this unless they had someone like me! Do you know how VALUABLE you just became!? YOU JUST BECAME A HERO TO THEM!

Not only is this person coming back to you when they have to refinance but they’re also bringing the possibility of  sending boat loads of referrals your way but it’s only getting better and better……..

You most likely work closely with Realtors & agents. This is where it gets even more interesting!🤑

Say your Realtor brings you the client and they cannot qualify for a mortgage but meet the requirements for owner-financing. Instead of having to wait until they qualify for a mortgage, they still get paid when the owner-financing deal closes because I am a licensed agent and can pay them a referral fee for the hard work of finding that buyer. Now you look great to your agents!!!!😎


Realtors want to get paid!!!

You know what it does to you when an agent brings you a buyer, you do all the work of getting them pre-approved and you realize they can’t qualify but you can turn it into a deal later? When you bring that deal back to the agent, they feel great! What if you could do that immediately??😱😱😱😱 Holy…….

Not only are you creating a win deal, the buyer is winning because they can still be a homeowner and the agent wins because they’re still getting paid!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN….


A lender I work with turns down 2-3 people a week. At 3 people a week thats 156 a year. If we get 2 of those people a week into houses… we’ll check this out⬇️

2 denied leads a week X 52 Weeks = 104 yearly.

2 x 52 = 104  That’s 104 refis that lender would have coming back to them within a year or so from DENIED BUYERS…..
 Let me break it down of how you would get leads.😎

  • That client you just saved has the potentional to bring lots of referrals for helping them in a way another lender couldn’t!
  • Once more & more agents find out about this, you will be the absolute go to lender! This means refis on top of refis of their denied buyers + more business from them!🏡
  • You can start calling agents to let them know how valuable you’ve become, just by plugging into my system & watch as the leads come pouring in!
  • When we market properties, we pick up a lot of buyer leads and we send those to YOU–our preferred lenders–who send us business!
  • So you’re getting more word of mouth leads from your denied clients, you’re going to be the #1 go to lender for agents because of the insane value! On top of that, you’re going to be piling up refis and so many possible leads that you won’t know what to do with!💰💰💰💰💰💰

Get in touch with me today and let’s see if it would be a good fit for us to partner together:

Contact me at

 Let me help you go to the next level!

Let’s get you on your way to becoming a MASSIVE SUCCESS! 


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