How Realtors & Agents can make easy money!

Whether you’re a new or experienced real estate professional, you rely on a buyer to buy a home or for a seller to have you list their house. After all, that’s how you get paid a majority of the time. There are other little ways an agent can make money, but by far one of the easiest ways is simply referring someone…. Some agents make a lot of money with referrals but this is about to change your business.…Sit back as I’m about to take you through an EASY & I MEAN EASY way to make a lot of money just from referrals. But these aren’t just your ordinary referrals! This is a MASSIVE opportunity…


Whether you’re looking for a way to make more money as an agent or looking to create more business, then this can be extremely easy & simple for you. You’re probably wondering who I am!? Let me introduce myself!

Who are you?

My name is Brandon,


I specialize in owner financing in all 50 states. What does that do for you? Or maybe you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. The way we help sellers & buyers is in a unique way. With owner financing, we help our buyers become homeowners as fast as same day with no mortgage needed & no credit qualifying. You read that right, a home buyer can become a homeowner in the matter of a day without applying for a loan…. You’re probably asking yourself, why wouldn’t the buyer just go get a mortgage?

Lets break it down!


The main reasons a buyer either can’t get a mortgage or doesn’t want to apply:

  • Doesn’t have the best credit to qualify for a mortgage.
  • They’ve been denied because of a guideline issue.
  • Has high net worth but is self employed & doesn’t claim all their taxes so they can keep most of their money.
  • Has had a recent job change or has had a past bankruptcy.
  • The list goes on & on.

Let me get to the point.

No matter how long you’ve been in real estate, your goal is to ultimately make as much money as possible & help your customers.


This system wouldn’t work unless you had someone like myself to partner with. This is how it works & how you create more business for yourself TODAY!

So say you’re working with a buyer who couldn’t get approved. You now realize you can’t make money off this person or even refer them because they’re not approved for a mortgage…. OR CAN YOU? Sure you can put that buyer on a credit repair program or what till they can qualify but that could take 6-12 months! You want money today & you want to feed your family today!

If that buyer matches our requirements for owner financing then you certainly can make money off of a denied buyer!…..Read That Again…..



  • No credit qualifying!
  • We work with homes in the price range of $300,000 – $8M +.
  • Buyer must have 5-30% down payment available for an owner finance home. Percentage depends on purchase price.
  • Available in all 50 states!

Not only did you do something unheard of to other agents, that you just turned a denied buyer into money, but this buyer WILL LOVE YOU, because they were relying on you & a lender to complete their dream of becoming a homeowner! When you can provide value that another agent couldn’t, then you just became more desirable & more likely to receive referrals from these clients you helped. THIS IS INCREDIBLY SIMPLE!

Say you’re holding an open house for a $500,000 home…. 20 People come through, you get their information, you work everything right so you can follow up, 12 of those 20 people are interested in the house or one similar. Let’s say 10 of those people are really interested & you are working with them all to put an offer on this house or go find them another…..Most agents pre-approve a buyer before showing houses… But let’s say 10 didn’t get approved…. 5 of those buyers have a down payment & are ready to be homeowners….. You refer the 5 denied buyers, we get them into a home & you just made quiet a bit of money for not much work…

Lets say you do 5 of those a month for a year & we will use $1,000 referral fee for example.

5 x 12 = 60 Denied buyers with a down payment.

60 x $1,000 = $60,000 From just referrals….


Now you can understand why agents are jumping all over this opportunity…

Also we come across times where we have to refer sellers out to our preferred agent in the area, because they want to sell their home.

THIS HAPPENED ON AN OVER $8 Million mansion close to Santa Barbara California!!! Sadly at that time, we weren’t working with any agents in that area or around that area so we couldn’t recommend one right off the top of our heads. We also come across a lot of buyers we have to refer out. There are agents dying for that kind of business… We initially have only been working with lenders on this sort of referral basis but have seen that agents can benefit from it big time too. Ask how you can become a preferred agent today. It’s 100% FREE.

We work with lenders in a similar way for they can instead of just crushing a dream & denying someone, if they match the requirements, then that lender can be the hero to that person & their family by giving them the chance to still be a homeowner….. What do they get out of it? A refinance from that client & more business to come! ( I have a whole other blog post for lenders because they absolutely love this too.)

home sold

So Listen…

I know you will have questions & many things you would like to know about. Feel free to reach out to me & I will be more than happy to answer them for you. If you feel you’re in a market that you deal with a lot of these $300,000-$8 Million + & would like the easy money of referring a denied buyer, then contact me & we can see if we would be  good fit for each other & create a massive amount of business on both sides.

Have an outstanding day & I hope to hear from you soon!

Contact me at

You will be glad you did 🙂






8 Replies to “How Realtors & Agents can make easy money!”

    1. Hello Audra! It’s fairly easy for us to find homeowners to work with. We find & contact them off of the many many home selling sites out there or investors & create a win-win deal for everyone.

      We can get a buyer into a home sometimes as fast as same day & they absolutely love it!🏡


    1. Hello! Most people we work with have bad credit so it’s normally not an issue, on the other hand, they will need money for a down payment that match the requirements talked about in the blog post. Email me if you would like more information🏡


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